Who would have thought you could buy that!

So in my real job today I was looking up ways X-ray machines could be imported into Australia (yep random I know!), I was playing around on alibaba.com looking to see what X-ray devices could apparently be purchased through this site and I found this…


A Sperm Semen Analyzer!

Bloody hell! Is there any regulation to buying one of these? Apparently not! So tell me people, who would want one in their Christmas stocking?


Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die Hard

My brother and I are movie buffs, we probably go on average to a movie a fortnight, more frequently when there is a line up of great movies on.

So this is why I am writing a whole post on one movie. Die Hard opens here in Australia on the 21st March, a massive one month after the rest of the world. Yep thats right, our friends in New Zealand, England, America, Ireland, Canada, Germany etc all get to watch it one month before us! Most countries had Valentines day as the release date. It is crazy, I would love to know why, does anyone have any helpful info?

Here is the release dates 

And for the schmucks like me stuck in Aus, here is the trailer!


Good on you students!

Every year we see stories slashed across the media about how poorly the students of the The University of Otago (UoO) act at their Orientation Week, better known as ‘O’ week.

I have been a skeptic over the last few years that those involved in the worst offenses (as per the court news in the local paper the ODT) are not usually actually students enrolled at the UoO. In fact I have been told by students I used to supervise when I was working at the Hospital that they were sick of car loads of ‘kids’ driving up from small towns to get some in of the action. It is also fair to lay some of the blame on the local non UoO youth.

So it is great while sitting down to some lovely French Toast my wife has made this morning to read this article on the ODT website. Good on the students association, the OUSA, for putting on a great set of events that have given the students of UoO a chance to show that fun can be had without riots and bad press.

Great to see the stadium being used as a play to celebrate. Not a lot of celebrating to be had last night watching the Highlanders loose to the Chiefs on Foxtel!

Now I was a health student at Uni but I am sure there would be some sort of Marketting/social media/public policy masters project in actually linking up misdemeanors and the culprits current life status….. ie: how much of the bad media is the ‘students’ fault?

Thinking of Christchurch

Like most kiwis I remember exactly what was going on in my life on the day(s) of the earthquakes, such a gut wrenching feeling. Of course nothing compared to those there and affected.
Thinking of you Christchurch, Kia Kaha


At 12:51pm two years ago a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch.

On this second anniversary we remember the 185 people who died and the many others who were seriously injured.

We think of people whose homes and businesses were badly damaged, some irreparably.

We think of people still living in limbo, waiting for decisions, waiting for repairs, waiting to move on.

But two years on as the rebuild gains momentum we can also appreciate the work that has been done, the opportunities grasped and look ahead to better times for Christchurch and Canterbury.



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A shameless link to something I feel stongly about!

Hi all,

here is a facebook page I started, I feel very stongly that there should be trans-tasman flights out of Canberra, please check out my facebook page and support me in doing my little bit to support change,



What do I miss about NZ?

Hat tip to Voyages in America on the Stuff website for inspiring this post

Now normally I like to think a lot about what I write before I put something down, but I think in this case the idea of putting down what comes to the top of my head is most genuine. In the next couple of weeks I also plan on following up what I don’t miss

So here goes, in bullet points

  • family, number 1 without a doubt
  • cheap housing, our home back in NZ was less than half the price of the one we own here
  • L&P, though I do like Solo!
  • The simple life…. taxes, healthcare, jurisdictions, policy are all sooo much more simpie back home
  • NZ Lamb, yum yum yum
  • Beaches…. yeah I live in Canberra 😉
  • Friends, it takes a long time to establish good friends, I really miss the ones I made at home, the kind of friends I can call up for a beer anytime. I know they will come, it is just hard
  • Politics… yep I miss being involved in politics so much! Working with the likes of Mike Woodhouse and Ele was great, I still think I would have made a great MP and am deeply saddened with my old electorate choosing a Maori female ‘ideal’ import candidate from the North Island over me
  • ‘give it a go’…… one of the best lines in the world, something all kiwis have ingrained in their mentality
  • Jimmy’s meat pies…. if you are from the South Island you will understand
  • Green…. be it grass, trees, mountains… I miss that fresh colour and fresh smell, beautiful!

So that is quick stuff of the top of my head, I am sure there is more, but that’ll do for now!