Opposition versus Leadership

For those who don’t know enough about me, you won’t know that I have a strong interest in politics! If you did it would come as no surprise to see me blogging about politics as my first ever post!

Having a strong interest in politics here in Australia and in New Zealand I would love to give my observations about our two great countries.

I find it fascinating to see here in Australia the countries leader so abysmally unpopular that her party barely makes 35% in the opinion polls and the media is obsessed about bringing back Mr Rudd. Kevin Rudd is the former Labor Leader, former Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister. He should be a distant memory like John Howard or (in NZs case) Bill English, but instead he has about as much air time on the news as Julia does and is asked questions by the media that are totally out of his portfolio (as a backbencher!).

Now New Zealand has the opposite situation. The opposition leader (Labour again) is an unknown and relatively unpopular leader equally unable to successfully break the 40% barrier. And like Julia, he ousted the leader due to a perceived unpopularity of the former man in charge and (in my humble opinion) both previous leaders, Kevin and Phil, were too central/right leaning for the parties. Poor old David Shearer, as you will see in DPF’s blog National is far in the lead.

In fact in my opinion Kevin Rudd reminds me a lot of John Key. Now I hear fellow National Party supporters throwing up there arms in disbelief, but here me out people! I think the downfall of John, if it happens without him retiring first, will be him going against Party lines and saying something in the media too outrageous to come from the National Party Policy tanks. Now this is currently why John is soo damm popular with the voters, a real down to earth straight shooting guys. Mr Rudd is the same, Kevin was too outspoken for the labour party, he did not tow the line, this made him very popular with the voters. They both seem charismatic, human, approachable and believable.

So isn’t it crazy, two labour/labor leaders who are so much in the same boat but yet so far from in the same situation! The question for me is who if either of them will be there at the next elections? In my opinion, neither will be after!


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