What do I miss about NZ?

Hat tip to Voyages in America on the Stuff website for inspiring this post

Now normally I like to think a lot about what I write before I put something down, but I think in this case the idea of putting down what comes to the top of my head is most genuine. In the next couple of weeks I also plan on following up what I don’t miss

So here goes, in bullet points

  • family, number 1 without a doubt
  • cheap housing, our home back in NZ was less than half the price of the one we own here
  • L&P, though I do like Solo!
  • The simple life…. taxes, healthcare, jurisdictions, policy are all sooo much more simpie back home
  • NZ Lamb, yum yum yum
  • Beaches…. yeah I live in Canberra 😉
  • Friends, it takes a long time to establish good friends, I really miss the ones I made at home, the kind of friends I can call up for a beer anytime. I know they will come, it is just hard
  • Politics… yep I miss being involved in politics so much! Working with the likes of Mike Woodhouse and Ele was great, I still think I would have made a great MP and am deeply saddened with my old electorate choosing a Maori female ‘ideal’ import candidate from the North Island over me
  • ‘give it a go’…… one of the best lines in the world, something all kiwis have ingrained in their mentality
  • Jimmy’s meat pies…. if you are from the South Island you will understand
  • Green…. be it grass, trees, mountains… I miss that fresh colour and fresh smell, beautiful!

So that is quick stuff of the top of my head, I am sure there is more, but that’ll do for now!


One thought on “What do I miss about NZ?

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