The slow painful death of TopGear?

Top Gear (2002 TV series)

Top Gear (2002 TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Topgear was long a favourite programme of mine. My Dad, brothers and I would all watch it on Sunday nights  and when we next saw each other we would dissect the previous show and of course banter each other over the best cars and cool versus uncool cars. The invincible Hilux was an awesome stunt.


It was probably about four years ago it started falling apart for me, the stunts became more unrealistically elaborate (crossing the gobe desert on 1litre of camel urine in the tank or something equally crazy) and frankly repetitive. I was a huge fan of the old school TopGear, where they would evaluate cars, show insider car geek stuff and wow us with their cool home DIY.  I was also a fan of the ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’ regular piece. The TopGear show was in Australia recently and while a few years ago I would have done anything to attend, this time it did not even sit on my radar properly.

So it is for me very much unsurprising to see the slow downfall of TopGear. This article resonates to me with Paul Henry, the silly TV execs give the producers/hosts too much latitude and the boundaries are pushed too far.

So goodbye TopGear, may you try to leave gracefully, do not draw this death out for too long…..



A bad day at the office!

I was picking up my brother from his work yesterday (his car is at the pannelbeaters after he got rear ended).

He said, something weird was going on today at the office block next door to us, there were armed cops and fire engines and an ambulance. So the news this morning brought light to the situation

A very disgruntled ex employee of the Department of Human Services decided it was a smart idea to bring a chainsaw to work!

The article I have linked above talks more about his mental health state, which is fine, but unfortunately I cannot find the article on Canberra times anymore that talks about the actual incident. The poor staff had to run out of a fire exit to escape as the man chainsawed through the front door and desks.

Fortunately none of the innocent workers were physically harmed by this ex-employee. While Mum may be worried about the accused, I have concerns about the long-term mental health of those witnessing the incident.

Update: Here is the article I was referring to earlier

Andrew Little big mouth

In the words of the Hon Judith Collins, Mr Little got owned! Well it sure appears labour are easy targets these days, as happens when there is not a credible opposition

Your NZ

There was much to be disappointed about in Parliament yesterday afternoon. In one example a supposedly aspiring Labour leader of the future disgraced himself during a speech by Judith Collins.

Little Big mouth

Throughout the first part of Collin’s speech Andrew Little kept up a continuous barrage of bellowing, another sad example of the culture of abuse in and of Parliament.

Little was out of control.

But what would you expect when Labour’s Shadow Leader of the House (Trevor Mallard) and Chief Whip (Chris Hipkins) had just been ejected from the House  after they blatantly challenged the Speaker’s authority.

This suggests that Labour has major discipline problems, and also questions what leadership if any is in effect.

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See labour….. he is much more to NZ (and Australia) than just ‘smile and wave’!

There was an excellent article in the Canberra Times today about John Key and why New Zealand loves him, the online version is much abbreviated, but talks still about how Australian leaders need to take lessons, good on you John! I like the version so much that I am putting it in here in full, if you can access the print version I would recommend it

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Whats worse the mother or the cops?

Okay the answer is obvious, but I really do wish the cops were prosecuting!

This article on stuff today was also a headline article over here in Australia tonight. I was so saddened to see this.



photo source

It is so sad to see this happen, in New Zealand or Australia, I can’t believe one person was more outraged at someone taking the photo than at the ‘mother’ for leaving the baby in the car. As the stuff article also pointed out, the baby was also in the front seat, something we have learned from our experiences with Kidsafe is an absolute no no with airbags etc.

So please readers worldwide realise this ‘mother’ is one bad apple in a very safety conscious country, most of us care way to much about our kids to do this


The Labor Leadership: the Winners, the Losers and the Journey to Unity

The Labor Leadership: the Winners, the Losers and the Journey to Unity.

This post by aussiepollies provides a nice synopsis of the last few weeks in Laborland.

It certainly was a lackluster effort from all concerned and a very hohum finale to it all. Kevin is a done duck now, no chance of making a comeback as he has effectively ruled himself out.

So now we wait for the elections……

How to destroy any legitimacy of your referendum with one little press release

Many people have commented to me how Two Party preferred and Australia’s electoral system destroys the wonderful representation New Zealand gets in its Parliament.


This may well be true, but when you read articles like this one from WhaleOil about Russell Norman you can see why. Oh and sorry Australia, he is (and sounds like) one of yours!


Happy reading 😉


How to destroy any legitimacy of your referendum with one little press release.






English: Official photo of Russel Norman, Co-l...

English: Official photo of Russel Norman, Co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, supplied by the Green Party webmaster. See “You are allowed to use…” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)