What I don’t miss about NZ…..

In follow up to my post on what I miss about NZ, and as promised, time to reflect on what I don’t miss!

Now as per last time I want to make this quick and off the top of my head. So no offense, just a bit of fun!

Once again here goes, in bullet points

  • expensive food, our weekly slice of income in NZ that went to food would have EASILY been 50% higher than here in OZ. Dairy, meat, fresh vege, core groceries are all cheaper in Oz. Though interestingly, not yoghurt, beer and a few small random things. We absolutely have more money to go around in Oz
  • old cars, I really think some people will scoff at me for saying this, but NZ’s car situation is average, not just me that agrees click here on this link
  • marmite….. tehe my wife would kill me for saying this!
  • The single sport mentality. I know Australia has way more people, but I love that they embrace soooo many different sports. It is great to see sports people from many different codes elevated to fame for being good at what they do
  • NZ Lamb, yum yum yum
  • MMP, nope thats probably not fair. I actually like the diversity MMP brings, but I am not a fan of small parties stifling the countries progress like you see with important coalition partners (to the Govt) like NZ First in the past and the Greens.
  • But really that is about it! I love NZ, we moved as career wise I was at a ceiling level. Honestly for the right job I would be back in a heartbeat, maybe a MP position 😉

Not sure there is more this time, interestingly while writing this I thought of more things I miss, love you NZ!


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