Thank you everyone…..

Thanks to everyone, I have made it to 100 views!


I don’t really understand how it is only 100 as sometimes I get likes for posts but yet it does not add to the talley, one day I had three likes to a post and yet no views! Does anyone know the answers to why this happens?


Anyway, thanks guys I am chuffed! I thought 100 views was pretty good until I saw Ele’s homepaddock website, the women has had 5000 views in the last month! Well done Ele!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 7.31.32 PM


7 thoughts on “Thank you everyone…..

  1. Its’ taken a while but I usually get more than 20,000 views (which is always higher than individual visitors) a month. However, that’s nothing compared with Whaleoil and Kiwiblog who get more than a million.

    But we all started small and you will grow your readership too.

  2. For followers of your blog, when we receive emails about your new posts, there’s a like button right in the email. That’s one way to get a “Like” without getting a view. Also, wordpress users can use their reader to sample ALL current posts on certain tag topics. I often “surf” the wordpress blog stream that way…it’s how I found your blog, within a few minutes after you had posted something with “politics” as a tag. Anyway, when you use the wordpress reader to look at brand new posts, the reader has a “Like” button that doesn’t require navigating to the page itself. So that’s how you can get Likes without Views.

    – Jeff

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