Roll dammitt!

My wife and I had a baby in July last year, she just turned 8 months old and is the absolute best thing to ever happen to us, we love her to bits!


Our baby girl (BG) was born six weeks prem, via emergency c-section. I don’t really want to talk about the circumstances in this blog except to say that BG was born absolutely healthy (my wife was very unwell, not BG) and was just a big bit small.


Her development is seemingly fine, from our point of view she is sleeping like a gem, eating pretty well and is interacting awesomely with us. The only worry we have with BG (well I do, my wife thinks all is fine) is that BG is not rolling at all from back to front or crawling. We have been told to treat BG at corrected age, so her development should be at 6 and a 1/2 months.


Still, I find it really hard when I see BG sitting with other babies in her mothers group and they are all doing so much more. Now before everyone (or even anyone ūüėČ ) starts saying that all babies develop¬†separately¬†I know that, but I really want to see her develop at a better speed, BGs heartbeat was hard to find before she was born (hence the category A C-Section, but more about that another time) and I worry about oxygen deprivation.


I know I am being a worry-wort and worried about something that is unlikely to be a problem, but what can I say, I love BG to pieces and just want to see her flourish!


Anyway, thanks for listening people!




2 thoughts on “Roll dammitt!

  1. It is natural to be a little anxious when comparing your child to others in this way, but it is normal for premature babies to develop at their corrected age rather than by the calendar. Our daughter was born six weeks early by emergency caesarean. She was six weeks late meeting the early developmental milestones (eg didn’t smile until 12 weeks) then gradually caught up. She is now a happy, healthy and intelligent adult.

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