A bad day at the office!

I was picking up my brother from his work yesterday (his car is at the pannelbeaters after he got rear ended).

He said, something weird was going on today at the office block next door to us, there were armed cops and fire engines and an ambulance. So the news this morning brought light to the situation

A very disgruntled ex employee of the Department of Human Services decided it was a smart idea to bring a chainsaw to work!

The article I have linked above talks more about his mental health state, which is fine, but unfortunately I cannot find the article on Canberra times anymore that talks about the actual incident. The poor staff had to run out of a fire exit to escape as the man chainsawed through the front door and desks.

Fortunately none of the innocent workers were physically harmed by this ex-employee. While Mum may be worried about the accused, I have concerns about the long-term mental health of those witnessing the incident.

Update: Here is the article I was referring to earlier


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