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An interesting opinion piece in today’s Canberra times

But this is what our Prime Minister does to us regularly. She, like all of us, would like to see a much better deal for people affected by disability. So she announces she will deliver it. She paints herself as the hero of the disability sector. Except she doesn’t have the money. What makes it worse is she knows it.

It is a bitter pill for people who really do need some good news. Similarly, Gillard will seek to paint herself as the hero of education. Again, realistically, she just cannot deliver. She has neither the money nor the likelihood of having the power.

I think the electorate will be very unforgiving of a Prime Minister who appears to think she can fool most of the people most of the time.

As the budget approaches, voters will no doubt recall the promises last year of, finally, producing a surplus.

Various financial houses are predicting a deficit of $10 billion, $15 billion or even $20 billion.

It’s a confusing message from an apparently confused government. We are told the economy is in great shape. That leaves many voters wondering why we can’t balance the books. Every voter and every family understands that every now and then money has to be borrowed. What they don’t understand is why this government keeps borrowing and borrowing and spending and spending.
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Please read the piece in full, promising a Bentley when you can only afford a Yaris is foolish management of treasury, at least in New Zealand Shearer has stopped promising the silly GST food removal!


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