Margaret Thatcher 1925 -2013

Margaret Thatchers reign began before I was born but the Falklands War was in the year of my birth. Thatcher was brilliant in her anti-conformal attitude, if she believed something was right she went for it, against opposition or her party


Where were you when . . .?

The question is often asked about moments in history.

I was on a bus between Auckland airport and the city when the news that Margaret Thatcher had become Britain’s first female Prime Minister was announced on the radio.

The achievement was all the more remarkable because of the class ridden and sexist society at the time.

She was a woman before her time. She studied law, qualifying as a barrister in 1953, the same year her twins were born and made it to the top of the Conservative Party.

Meryl Streep who played her in The Iron Lady said:

“Margaret Thatcher was a pioneer, willingly or unwillingly, for the role of women in politics. To have come up, legitimately, through the ranks of the British political system, class-bound and gender-phobic as it was, in the time that she did and the way that…

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