Good to be home…..

It is true there is no place like home, and we are loving being back.

While Mosgiel/Dunedin has certainly put on the cold weather for us, it is warming spending time with family and friends. Good friends are those that you may not see for twelve months but it feels like you saw yesterday, we are blessed to have plenty of those here in Dunedin.

Our trip has been marred with tragedy as my wife’s 45yr old Auntie died suddenly, the only blessing being that we were home for the funeral. Being at that funeral certainly made me remember the importance of staying in touch with family, my wife’s family were somewhat estranged from this particular Aunty and it was a bizarre thing sitting at her funeral to learn things about a relative that you did not know about her.

Looking at property in the paper and spending time with loved ones has made me wonder, as it often does, about the benefits of returning to NZ. Truth be told we would love to, but in the limited health profession I am in I cannot get a job without returning to my previous role and an employer I would hate. It is hard knowing that without literally halving my salary (as I would have to start at a very base job level) we could never return to this great country. I will not put my family into a worse off position, so it seems it will be hard to ever come back 😦

If anyone has a position for a hard-working, innovative, health manager (though very happy to leave health) in the Otago New Zealand area please give me a call!



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