Highlanders vs Brumbies….. wooden spoon much

So the reason we came back to Dunedin was to attend a wedding. Not long after we had paid for tickets the wedding was called off, so all of my wife’s friends are coming down to Dunedin anyway and we have decided to go to the Highlanders game tonight as a conciliation.

For those of you who do not keep up with rugby news the highlanders have the very much unwanted honour of being the only team in the competition to have not won a game, a feat no teams want to have! On paper they should be great with some new big name signings and a not too shabby team in 2012. But sadly they have missed out, sometimes only just, week after week after week!

Now the Brumbies are the team from our new hometown, the ACT, so we could be forgiven for changing allegiances  but never fear we will be supporting the kiwi team tonight, though a part of me is backing the brumbies so they could stay on top of the Australian table of the Super 15 league.

So come on highlanders, give us a win! Looking forward to our first trip to the new stadium too


Update: The brumbies are excited too!

Highlanders (rugby union)

Highlanders (rugby union) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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