Cold and disappointed :(

Well my brother, mate and I braved the very very cold Canberra night to head along to watch the kiwis play the roos in the ANZAC league test, by the way did I mention it was cold?

Firstly, I am very excited Canberra was able to host this test, another one of the centenary of canberra celebratory events. Arts, parties and shows are not for all, so having sport of this calibre in the mix is phenomenal.

I have had three days of work colleagues telling me that the kiwis would be outclassed, of the media talking of a walkover and of braze players talking about strong players and injuries. I hate it when people are right, I really do. The kiwis were just not as strong as the kangaroos, the first half was great with some solid pushes for the try line and some unfortunate line errors, but after a clear bollocking the roos came out fighting in the second half to dominate the kiwis.

I love the idea of the ANZAC test, a sense of pride between our two great countries, but now we have to see what comes come 2014 onwards, as the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting, the future is up in the air

THE mid-season Test between Australia and New Zealand is likely to continue to be played before State of Origin, despite the Kiwis not having won it for 15 years.

The agreement between the two nations to play an annual ANZAC Test expired after Friday night’s match in Canberra and there is a view that the logical place for the fixture in the representative calendar would be after State of Origin.

However, there is a belief that Australia would have an even greater advantage if the Kangaroos players were battle hardened from an Origin series, and the 25,000 crowd at Canberra Stadium showed there is strong public support for an ANZAC Test.

There has even been talk of playing the 2015 clash at Gallipolli to mark the 100th anniversary of the historic battle, but the logistics involved are proving too hard and the idea is a non-starter.

Instead, officials are believed to be considering a combined ANZAC team of Australian and New Zealand players playing an as-yet undetermined opponent.

Until then, the two countries will continue to be foes on the field and Australian coach Tim Sheens is sure to put his side on notice that they must improve to regain the World Cup at the end of the season – because he knows New Zealand will.

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