LabourGreen power plan will increase prices

Any excellent post today from Ele over at Homepaddock.
I am floored to see the communist alliance of Labour/Green/Mana come out with this. The positive is that even David Parker, the senior minister, has gone on the record disagreeing with the idea 7 years ago. The negative, the leader of the Green ‘Aussie Norman’ actually wants to be finance minister come on kiwis see this coalition for what it will really be… a money printing, socialist, nanny state, backwards trip to the seventies and a plummet in world ‘rankings’



The LabourGreen plan to power us back to the socialist seventies will increase the price of power – and at least one of their MPs knows it.

Electricity consumers should be under no illusion that the Labour-Greens power plan will hit them in the pocket, says Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges.

“Harking back to the 1970s with a half-baked nationalisation plan will ultimately cost consumers as it returns the country to the days of supply constraints, power blackouts and ultimately higher prices.

“David Parker himself said this in advice to the Cabinet in 2006.

“As Minister of Energy he said that “a single buyer would likely result in higher capital and operating costs”. He went on to say that: “The risks involved in changing arrangements could be significant. The resulting uncertainty could lead to investment proposals being put on hold. Direct implementation costs could be large.” And, he…

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