National Party Conference protests

This article in stuff, which I am inbedding below in it’s entirety is so poorly written it was clearly a news day, or perhaps the writer had to justify driving out to Hamner for a non event.

The article starts off being hyped up about protestors ‘descending’ on Hamner. Well descending evokes images of hundreds or thousands of protestors. Looks like the numbers are very low and there methods of protests are pretty floored. Asset sales and public/private roading are two very different things, but don’t let that get in the way of anything.

Protesters plan to descend on the National Party Conference in Hanmer Springs today.

People protesting the sale of state-owned assets will march from the township’s centre to the Hanmer Hotel and Conference Centre just before 11am – when Prime Minister John Key will address his supporters.

Protesters have erected a toll booth sporting a “privatised bridge” sign on the Ferry Bridge outside of Hanmer Springs.

Steve Howard said while money would not be collected from passing cars, the stunt was a “good way to prove a point”.

“There’s a lot of talk about public-private partnerships in roading so this is the sort of thing we could expect to see,” he said.



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