Poor Wellington, even Celia thinks more should be done….

John Key used a poor choice of words in order to discuss the big shift of Head Offices from Wellington to Auckland saying Wellington was a dying city, this may be true, but not the best look for a PM.

Even worse in my opinion was the weak and lost response from Wellington’s mayor Celia Wade-Brown. A half decent mayor would have responded with something like Wellington has x, y and z and this year is bringing a, b and c to the table. But instead her response was pretty much ‘we could do better’

More needed to be done to promote Wellington, but to suggest it was dying was ridiculous, she said.

“Maybe if John Key was out of the Beehive more often he would see it’s all alive and well.”

A mayor admitting more needed to be done was a big white flag waving moment is you ask me!

It is true that unlike Canberra Parliament and the City are far from best friends, working on this and promoting businesses to be home based out of Wellington seems to be a no brainer.

Wellington is my favourtie North Island city, I had the best time training there and love everything about it. Not sure it is dying, but definitely sure it is not developing anything near as fast as Auckland.



One thought on “Poor Wellington, even Celia thinks more should be done….

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