Autumn has finally arrived

We had magnificant weather over the weekend in Canberra, lots of sun contrasting the beautiful Autumn colours. We even took our daughter out to an outdoor concert on Saturday afternoon and for a mothers day picnic in the park on Sunday. It was lovely to sit outside this late in the year and enjoy some rays and some fresh air.

But Autumn said hello to us yesterday with a decent (and much needed) rainy day, with another cold start today. The farmers, and my garden, will be hoping for some more rain in what has been a very dry Autumn so far.

Canberra region farmers say they are preparing for a dry winter, with the lack of autumn rain causing some to reassess stock levels.

As Canberra creeps towards winter, the Bureau of Meteorology forecast shows a low of minus 1 degree for Sunday, after a week of expected frosts and showers.

Canberra is expected to record between 5 to 10mm of rain by Tuesday morning, but it may be the last significant rainfall for a while, Weatherzone meteorologist Ben McBurney said.

Canberra Times readers Autumn photo competition 2013-<br />
 Karen Hogan.<br />
 Young at heart<br />

Canberra Times readers Autumn photo competition 2013- Karen Hogan. Young at heart “the wanniassa walkers” Photo: Karen Hogan

“It looks like it’s going to be pretty dry for quite a while and we’ll start to see some pretty cold nights,” he said.

“Over the coming months, especially May and June, we’ll probably see a trend of average to below average rainfall.”

Mr McBurney said the capital was likely to record highs of 16 degrees and night time temperatures of 3 degrees throughout May, with this weekend’s overnight temperature expected to drop as low as minus 4.

Weatherzone: ACT storm tracker

“In terms of winter, by the time you get to June, the average daytime temperature drops to 12 degrees.”

He said the average lows recorded for June and July in Canberra were 1 degree and zero respectively, with the snow season expected to be delayed by around a fortnight.

There is a chance of snow in Canberra by July and August.

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Maybe it is mother nature getting us in the mood for Wayne Swan’s budget 😉


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