WA to secede?

It is interesting that in my 18months in Australia I have heard quite a few times about WA thinking it gives more than it gets and wanting to become its own country.

I will be honest and say I thought it was banter rather than loosely based on fact, so I found this article today on the abc website very interesting, I found this quote, from the disgruntled retiring MP most humorous and shortsighted

“Increasingly, the states are becoming simply service deliverers of Commonwealth government policies because the Commonwealth has the money,” he said.

“And, the money will be provided to the states provided they carry out the policy direction of the Commonwealth.”

He said WA should be prepared to break away if it cannot mitigate Canberra’s growing power.

“The only way that the state can control its future if it wants to, is to secede,” he said.

There is an apparent belief that WA and the mining boom make it a great powerful player on the world market, as surmised

He has been a long time advocate of secession, previously saying WA would be one of the most successful countries in the world if it was a separate nation.

I find this so incredibly hard to believe. Yes WA brings in a fair bit of dollars into the Governments coffers and yes it has helped Australia through the GFC. But what happens when you dig shit out of the ground? Eventually it runs out! So one day WA will be in a far poorer economic situation than it already is.

I have mentioned before I do not fully understand why more powers are not dissolved from a state to federal level, the cost savings alone could be phenomenal. I have heard anecdotally in the public service that many country-wide initiatives have been held back by WA wanting to maintain solidarity and resistance to nationalisation. In the days of the EU, the ASEAN network etc why would you not want the power of truly working as one powerful nation?

Universities in Western Australia

Universities in Western Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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