Winston Peters more racist than Pauline Hanson?

The big bonus of being a nothing opposition MP with a soft media keeping you to account is you can say what you want and get away with it.

Winston Peters, for those of you lucky enough to have never heard of him, is New Zealand’s closest rival to Pauline Hanson. Targeting a specific group of people, he manages to get into Parliament by making specific claims that scare people into voting for him. With the joys of MMP and Helen Clark’s unlikely want to bed him in a coalition agreement this guy was even Foreign Minister! You don’t expect a foreign minister to say stuff like this….

An unapologetic New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has stepped up his attack on Chinese migration claiming it is going to cost an extra $1 billion in superannuation payments due to a policy of allowing elderly parental reunion.

“Cut out the crap and face the facts, we are in trouble here and have to pay for it,” he told about 130 people at a Grey Power meeting.

Peters’ latest attack followed last week’s description at another Grey Power meeting of Auckland as a “super-city of sin”, mostly as a result of Chinese migration.

He was criticised for being racist in the earlier speech but waving a newspaper today he said former Fonterra chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden had yesterday said the Chinese could not be trusted – and he wasn’t called a racist.

Peters said part of the problem was China’s One Child policy and New Zealand’s liberal immigration policy allowing parental reunions.

“When a couple come from China to New Zealand, as they have in the last 15 years, or just one person comes, and brings a wife and child, they can also apply to bring both parents,” he said.

In the last year 50 per cent of all the family reunifications had been Chinese.

The consequence was that “tens of thousands” of Chinese who have been here for barely five to 10 years will all qualify for national super.

“You can qualify at the end of 10 years having never paid one cent of tax or never worked one day,” he said.

They are not required to contribute anything.

“When all of these people receive super, their bill alone will be $1 billion and all the while this audience… is being told we’ve got to put up the retirement age.”

As DPF at Kiwiblog has already blogged about, Winston has a long and Xenophobic history of saying whatever he wants.

Now there is no doubt that the policy of allowing parents to come to New Zealand comes at a large cost. They can literally arrive and claim super for their time in NZ. But a billion dollars? I am 95% confident that this is a number that Winston has plucked out of thin air and that angers me. If John Key, or even David Shearer said something like this they would be held to account, but not Winston!


English: This image was taken at the Europa Le...

English: This image was taken at the Europa Lecture 2008, University of Aukland, and is owned by the European Union Centres Network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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