I love a good meat pie…. but?

I am not some greenie, soy milk loving, gluten intolerant health nut but seriously what heck is Jim Russell thinking? A deep fried pie….. yuck! Check out the article here

Jim Russell is laying down the ultimate challenge to the culinary world, and all its bill-paying consumers, by asking: are you ready for a deep-fried Jimmy’s pie?

Mine host at Amy’s Cafe and Bar, formerly the Bridge Tavern in Millers Flat, Jim unleashed his innovative variation of one of Otago’s most-loved pies on some of his customers recently.

The verdict? ”They like them,” he says, having tried them out initially on some admittedly sceptical regulars recently and getting the thumbs up.

Pies are a lot of things, but healthy is not one of them! Now deep frying a pie…. mmmm, anyone want a heart attack for lunch?


He reasoned that donuts and jam rolls worked perfectly well in a deep frier, so why not a flaky pastry-wrapped pie (yes, without batter)?

Jim takes the pie out of the deep fryer.

Jim takes the pie out of the deep fryer.

The result, he says, after about a minute in the hot canola oil, is a crispy treat that tasted a lot better than he’d imagined.

A small ‘needs to be hung over and feeling sorry for myself’ part of me would like to try it, but really at the moment it is only a very small part of me.




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