Kangaroos and hippies 1, ACT Govt 0

English: Female and male Eastern Grey Kangaroo...

English: Female and male Eastern Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) at the Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens Zoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A win for ‘environmentalists’ a stay has occurred today in the courts giving the 1500 kangaroos destined for the chopping block at least another week to breed, cause mayhem and destroy pasture


The government was preparing to kill 1455 eastern grey kangaroos at seven sites across Canberra this week.

The cull is aimed at preserving “nationally endangered” ecosystems and minimising the impact of over abundant kangaroo populations on the local environment.

The government announced the cull publicly just days before the shooting was due to start, sparking an urgent scramble by protestors to delay the operation in the courts.

Sadly these delays come at an inevitable cost to the ACT Government and of course to the taxpayer
Two protest groups – Animal Liberation ACT and the Australian Society for Kangaroos – launched urgent legal action to stay the seven cull licenses in the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Friday.

They wanted the culls delayed by the tribunal until a full review of the government’s decision occurred, likely not until July, and said they would be at a significant disadvantage if a stay was not granted.

The Australian Society for Kangaroos – represented by Sydney-based silk Geoffrey Kennett – said the destruction of the very subject matter of a future review, namely the kangaroos, clearly put the protestors at a disadvantage.

Protestors at a disadvantage, this happens every year, so why the fake shock?

The government – represented by government solicitor Kristy Katavic –  argued a stay would make it “almost impossible” for the cull, expected to take two shooters up to eight weeks, to be completed in the short window of opportunity available.

That window, lasting until the end of July, was constrained by the availability of the contract shooters, the phases of the moon, and the most appropriate life cycle period of kangaroos and their young for culling.

The government also tries to cull in the coldest, darkest months, because less Canberrans are expected to be in the reserves, the tribunal heard.

The government said it had spent $190,000 on planning the cull, much of which would be wasted if it was delayed.

It also said it had a legal responsibility to manage the public land, which it would fail if the stay was granted by the tribunal.

As I was saying, all this crap comes at a cost




Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/protesters-win-temporary-stay-of-roo-cull-20130612-2o3im.html#ixzz2Vzc72OkD



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