Cold snap in New Zealand

Well it has been pretty average here in Canberra for weeks now, cold when the sun is out and raining an awful lot!

We got absolutely hammered by rain while down for a long weekend at Lakes Entrance last weekend, I mean hammered, it did not stop raining from Saturday till Monday. Luckily we were staying at a lovely cottage with a fire, will be heading back there again for sure. So when we got back home we rang the mother in law to complain about the weather and whoops… turns out things were much much worse for them! Oamaru, my wifes hometown, was cut off from everyone else for a few days.

From Oamaru Mail 18/6/13

But things are even worse in New Zealand! They now encountering a snow storm to rival all others!

In the Mackenzie District, power was cut to about 3000 people this morning as the area experienced snowfalls of about half a metre.

“At this stage snow ploughs are out on the State Highways, and the snow plough has been around the township here in Fairlie and they are working their way out to rural areas now,” Mackenzie Civil Defence emergency management officer Ray Gardner said.

Senior Constable Craig Bennett said there had been some traffic accidents in North Otago.

“And then I’ve had a farmer who was out feeding his sheep and an embankment in the snow has given way and pushed his vehicle into the middle of the Hakataramea River. So he had a cold wake-up and we had to get a tractor to extract him,” Mr Bennett said.

In the Maniototo, Naseby was still cut off this afternoon and residents reported snow “waist-deep” in places.

Several elderly Naseby residents said it was the heaviest snowfall in decades. By noon there was about 40cm coating much of the town and the snow continued to fall.

Roading contractors worked hard to keep a path through council roads around the Maniototo after the heavy snowfall but police were advising motorists to avoid travelling around the area.

Maniototo Area School and St John’s School, both of which cater for the wider Maniototo area, were both closed for the day.

In South Otago, some parts of the Lawrence area received more than 40cm of snow.

So when you are heading to work tomorrow complaining about the cold, think of poor old NZ!




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