Kevin Rudd returns to the top job

Kevin Rudd has bet Julia Gillard in a Labor Caucus ballot with 57 votes to 45, a massive swing from Julia’s win over Kevin earlier in the year with a 71 to 31 win over Kevin.

So once the GG declares it true (after Julia tells her) Kevin will be the PM.

Along with Julia standing down is Wayne Swan, Steven Conroy and Craig Emerson. A major change to the front bench, though some would argue it is much needed. The ballot is still underway for the deputy leader.

So a massive night in politics for Australia and especially so for Labor.  Time now for Kevin to ‘drive the bus

The question now is, will Labor hold back from some of these dramatic loses? Not sure, but happy to watch from the sidelines.

Right, time to watch the State of Origin and continue my lovely bottle of Whiskey, night all!


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