A symbolic end point for Christchurch

Brill tram No 178 on the Christchurch Tramway

Brill tram No 178 on the Christchurch Tramway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great news for Christchurch today

The final cordon around Christchurch’s quake-damaged city centre was lifted today, bringing to an end the Defence Force’s longest-ever domestic deployment.

Hundreds gathered as the last barrier to the CBD red zone was officially lifted at a civic ceremony at Worcester Boulevard this afternoon.

The cordon has been continuously staffed by soldiers in the 857 days since the city centre was closed following the deadly February 22, 2011 earthquake.

Prime Minister John Key thanked about 120 members of the Defence Force in person as the soldiers were dismissed from duty today.

What an amazing piece of information, 857 days since the earthquakes. So wonderful for Christchurch to have that cordon lifted

Even more impressive is the numbers given by defence



* 4: Navy ships used to carry 1707 tonnes of vehicles and equipment and 375 personnel in and out of Lyttelton

* 10: Air Force aircraft used to carry 4278 passengers and 122 tonnes of freight in the initial response

* 129: Singapore armed forces personnel who initially helped the Defence Force and police on the cordon

* 152: Army vehicles used in the response, including 77 Unimogs, 47 Pinzgauer light operational vehicles and 28 light armoured vehicles

* 857: Days the CBD red zone cordon was in place

* 1796: Uniformed personnel on the ground at the height of the Defence Force response on March 2, 2011

Well done NZDF, stand proud



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