An important question for readers

Hi everyone,

I am pretty chuffed with how  readership of this blog is going, thank you. Last month, according to openparachute’s blog ranking I was number 169 in the New Zealand ranks and number 160 in May, I am chuffed with these results, thanks to everyone who supports me! (yes I know I am in Australia, but I talked Ken and he was more than happy to include me).

My question is actually quite big for me, do I ‘out’ myself to friends and family? Do I link on facebook for friends?

This may seem like a no brainer question for people, but for me it is massive. I have ambitions in the future, political ones, and I am afraid this could jepoardise this, as homepaddock well knows, things can come back at bite you in the rear end when people go hunting for dirt! Also there are friends and family who will be disgusted in what I right about (spelling mistake/pun intended!).

On the other hand I am a open and approachable guy, doing this without broadcasting who I am feels wrong


I would appreciate feedback, either in private or public on your thoughts, thanks all!




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