Another reason to vote for Oamaru

Oamaru is my wife’s hometown, I dream of moving there and buying a lifestyle block, my wife on the other hand is not so sure about returning to her hometown to live!
Please click on the link and vote for Oamaru, meanwhile I will keep working on my wife πŸ˜‰


Warren Barton suggests you wend your way to Waitaki:

Don’t write off the Waitaki Valley, which straddles the boundary between North Otago and Canterbury, as a producer of quality wines – especially pinot noir.

This from Grant Taylor from Valli Wines, following the pullout from the area of two of the bigger producers, Craggy Range and now Pasquale, the latter owned by an Italian who spent millions establishing vineyards and a winery there.

If anyone should know it is Taylor -who grew up in Kurow, in the Waitaki Valley, honed his skills in the United States and returned in 1993, when the entire Otago vineyard was measured at just 20 hectares, to become the winemaker at Gibbston Valley Wines. . .

The proximity to the Waitaki Valley with its wonderful wines, honey, salmon and trout fishing, skiing – snow and water – tramping, yachting, boating, Vanished World fossil trail …

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2 thoughts on “Another reason to vote for Oamaru

  1. Thanks for your support – all fingers and toes crossed.

    A lot of people who grow up in small towns don’t want to go back – I was one of them but I changed my mind!

    • Yeah my wife is becoming more convinced, especially now we have a small one. For schooling and property prices alone living there would be great.
      I guess the reality is I would never gain employment, better buy a lotto ticket!

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