Mike Lord to stand for Dunedin City Council in Mosgiel-Taieri Ward

I am very pleased to see Mike Lord standing for the Mosgiel-Taieri Ward at the next DCC elections

Dunedin city councillor Syd Brown faces a political pincer move after Greater Dunedin named a new candidate to contest the Mosgiel-Taieri ward.

Taieri farmer Mike Lord (48), the former Federated Farmers Otago president, was yesterday named as Greater Dunedin’s newest candidate in October’s local body elections.

He will stand in the Mosgiel-Taieri ward, alongside fellow Greater Dunedin member Cr Kate Wilson, lining up against Cr Brown and any other candidates who emerge.

Cr Brown, a former deputy mayor and current chairman of the council’s finance, strategy and development committee, has so far declined to declare his intentions, and did not return Otago Daily Times calls yesterday.

Greater Dunedin group chairman Cr Richard Thomson said yesterday Mr Lord’s selection was not aimed at unseating Cr Brown.

”He [Mr Lord] happens to be in that ward and so that’s why he will be standing in that ward, but it’s not a case of going out and saying who do we want to unseat. It’s just not the way we are operating really.

”But, clearly, we want him to be elected and we want Kate to be elected. If that means, as it will, that everybody else who’s standing out there doesn’t get elected, then that’s the way it is. There’s only two seats.”

This article is actually old and since it was written Syd Brown has announced he will not stand, Syd has got his subdivision so is finally bowing out officially.

Anyway back to Mike, when I stood at the last election Mike was the Federated Farmers President and ran a meet the candidates night, he was very impressive. Obviously I was not though as he admitts…

”I voted for Syd at the last election. I’ll be voting for myself at the next election.”

Bah humbug! 🙂

Mike has joined my old Rotary club and is a very impressive orator so I think the Mosgiel Ward will do very well by having them as their nominee.

I am not sure about the ‘Greater Dunedin’ banner, I came in very late at the last elections and tried to join that banner but was denied, ironically the reason given by Mayor Cull to me in a rejection letter was they did not want two people on the same ticket in the Mosgiel Ward, clearly they have changed their tune. I feel this is indicative of the Greater Dunedin ticket, they are very flakey and I am not sure how Mike fits into this eclectic mix of Labor, National and Greens members.

But I am very pleased that Mike Lord is standing and encourage those that can to vote for him! When he gets his website up and running I will be sure to promote it.


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