Our first visit to Tidbinbilla

My wife, child and I finally made a visit to Tidbinbilla yesterday, well overdue!

Tidbinbilla is an absolute treasure on the outskirts of the ACT, a nature reserve that is home to many creatures native to Australia. With special fencing it is helping with fighting the loss of endangered animals and to teach us ‘townies’ more about Australia’s amazing ecosystem. Anyway, I think I am selling them short, so here is the ‘about us’ from the website http://www.tidbinbilla.com.au

We are located at the foothills of the Australian Alps between the Tidbinbilla and Gibraltar Ranges. Tidbinbilla and Birrigai at Tidbinbilla are an easy, 40 minutes drive from Canberra city centre and only 20 minutes from the southern suburbs of Canberra. Access is via Cotter Road onto Paddy’s River Road or along Tidbinbilla Road, via Point Hut Crossing or Tharwa.

As an Advanced Ecotourism accredited facility, Tidbinbilla strives to operate its land management, environmental and business operations in a sustainable manner. This includes conserving natural and cultural values, managing captive wildlife and endangered species breeding programs, educating and informing the public about environmental and conservation issues and contributing to the ACT Government’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 40% by 2020. Tidbinbilla is committed to reducing emissions through a range of means including fuel efficient fleet vehicles, purchasing of energy efficient appliances and equipment, minimising waste, maximising recycling, use of energy efficient buildings and efficient operating practices.

We are located close to the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre which has a visitor centre, filled with information on space exploration and a café open from 10 am – 4 pm everyday for snacks and meals.

Today will be the first of many visits for us, we brought a year pass so will definitely be back lots! We explored the picnic areas and the amazing playgroup. While my wife fed our 11month old I even managed a go on the flying fox! We want to do some walks next time, there are dozens of verying lengths, as well as explore some of the history.

Here are a few shots we took today



So head on in, pack a picnic. Being Australia there are of course heaps of BBQs, so pack some meat too. New Zealand could really take some lessons from Aus on the BBQ situation, they are generally electric, easy care and frankly….. great!

Still interested in more info, click here




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