Kevin Rudd the ‘comeback kid’

To all those Labor MPs and Senators who stuck a knife in Julia Gillards back, well done, you got exactly what you wanted.

Kevin Rudd is back with the numbers to make a credible challenge to Tony Abbot

Kevin Rudd has turbocharged Labor’s vote, propelling it to equal favourite status for the election by eliminating virtually every advantage Tony Abbott had enjoyed over Julia Gillard.

The recycled Prime Minister has single-handedly wiped out the Coalition’s two-party preferred lead to be dead-level at 50-50, the monthly Fairfax-Nielsen poll has found.

The result of an election held now would depend on individual seats and variation in swings by state. 

Mr Rudd has also left Mr Abbott in his wake as preferred prime minister with 55 per cent of voters giving him the nod to just 41 per cent for the Opposition Leader. And the Prime Minister has become the first leader from either side in 2½ years to have more voters approving than disapproving of their performance.

It appears that a lot of the fears about a man taking out a woman where unfounded, I am not surprised as no one made the same call the other way around

Women voters do not appear to have marked Mr Rudd down for toppling Ms Gillard and are in fact returning to Labor.

I am not surprised, Kevin Rudd is very charming, used car salesman like and was always going to return with a bang.


Hopefully now the election will come down to two important parties, playing off against two serious policy pitches and I think that is exciting!




2 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd the ‘comeback kid’

  1. It’s going to be an interesting time between now and the election, with much verbal jousting etc.

    Promises and spin everywhere we look, and we must all try and stay sane and sober throughout the onslaught we’re about to receive.

    But something we should all consider on our way to the election is, “on the international stage, do you want Abbott or Rudd speaking on Australia’s behalf ??”

    Which one projects the best “statesman” like image ?
    Which one is the most “professional”?

    And as you prepare to fill out your ballot slip, just think, “Would I buy a used car from this man/woman?”



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