Australia’s Earthquakes…. maintaining journalistic integrity

My good friend Ele over at homepaddock is the champion of the writer, the advocate for the wordsmith, but I am not even sure she can justify getting behind the writer this article!

In fact it is so far wrong I am going to put the whole article in

Update: Severe Earthquake Strikes Australia / Correction – New Zealand

Severe Earthquake Strikes Australia

Our publisher and editors deeply apologize for the errors in this article. To preserve our journalistic integrity, we have decided not to change one word of Tom Ukinski’s article. However, our team of reporters are working as fast as possible to provide you with the most accurate news and information covering the recent New Zealand earthquake. We expect to provide you with an update shortly, right here on this page.

Thanks for your patience.

(Original Report, without corrections below)
A severe earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 has erupted in an area 20 kilometers east of Seddon.

Seddon is a suburb 7 km west of Melbourne, Australia, with a population of about 4,851 people. It is located in the state of Victoria on the southeast tip of Australia.  The shock effects of the quake have been felt as far away as Napier, in Western Australia, 3,302 kilometers (2,066 miles) from Melbourne.  This suggests that the path of the quake is along the southern part of Australia.

The intensity of earthquakes is measured by the moment magnitude scale (MMS).  Events with magnitudes greater than 4.5 are strong enough to be recorded by a seismograph anywhere in the world.

The death toll for earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.0 to 6.9 can reach 25,000 people.  A large number of buildings in populated areas can be destroyed.   The damage can be experienced far from the epicenter. (Wikipedia)

The depth of the quake near Seddon, as of 5:09 p.m., was 19km, which is over 11 miles deep.

Earthquakes can occur up to 700 kilometers below the surface.

There is an average of one earthquake per year in Australia with a magnitude of 5 or greater and a depth of 0 to 70 km.  (USGS)

By:  Tom Ukinski

People’s feedback on facebook and other commentary has been around what a mistake that has been made, and this is true it is a giant stuffup! But what floors me is the effort it takes to get it so wrong. To put Napier in WA and Seddon in Victoria takes a certain kind of stupid. I also find it absolutely disgusting in a breaking new article like this to write about a 6.0 to 6.9 earthquake causing 25,000 deaths, this kind of sensationalist ‘journalism’ disgusts me.

I had to complete 3 years of training to undertake my profession, one of the lowest in health. I also undertake yearly CPD to maintain and grow my knowledge. Apparently smarts are not so important for journalism!

Also, to the best of my knowledge there are subeditors, editors and proofers, surely someone knows where NZ is in the world!



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