Why did Kevin Rudd bring his wife to war?

English: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

English: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The question has been asked by many commentators and I agree, what good did Kevin Rudd bringing Therese Rein to Afghanistan serve? Obviously everyone knows that Kevin is a far greater celebrity than Prime Minister, but still the idea of bringing you wife to a warn torn country serves absolutely no purpose in the publics eyes other than to try and win the family vote? But as a family man I sit here and go, seriously? Does than man have no want to protect his partner?

If Julia Gillard was to have brought Tim, I would have thought the same, so please don’t go playing the sexist remarks card either. There is absolutely no need for her to be there, nor would there be for me to go, or my daughter. As mentioned in commentary, there would have been extra protection for Therese, so in turn extra lives put at risk needlessly

Neither Ms Sugden nor a Department of Defence spokeswoman were forthcoming with information about any special arrangements for Ms Rein’s safety. Security, secrecy, sensitivity and all of that, of course.

For many commentators, the fact that it was the first time a prime ministerial spouse had ever visited a war zone was the major point of interest.

At Tarin Kowt, Ms Rein chatted with troops, laid a wreath for fallen diggers, wore a flak jacket, patted a sapper’s explosive detection dog, watched a bomb disposal robot go about its business, and signed autographs using her husband’s resilient back for support.

So great, she helped on the campaign trail, if you can call Afghanistan the campaign trail.

I have no problem with the PM being there for the record, though the timing is obviously another publicity stunt before the election that Kevin refuses to commit to, I believe it is important that the commander and chief visits the troops on occasions, as Julia Gillard and John Key have both done.



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