Time for the Australian Public to choose their leader, Rudd announces date for election

Finally Kevin Rudd, after weeks of playing games, is set to announce Sept 7 as an election date.

Kevin Rudd has just announced Sept 7 as the date for the election of the House of Representatives and half the Senate. After weeks of playing games and electioneering rather than running the country Kevin Rudd has announced a date a week earlier than Julia Gillard had promised earlier in the year.

Finally the Australian people get to choose their leader rather than the faceless men of the labor party

If you are eligible and have not yet enrolled to vote you have seven days and can find out more here

I am excited to see the run up to the elections over the next month, Kevin has been playing rock star and announcing initiatives to the right, it will be interesting to see if more left wing ideas start showing up, also to see what the Liberals come back with as a counter to Kevin’s campaign.


I sit here waiting for the spectacle that is Kevin Rudd to come out and officially announce this, he said he was making a speech at 4pm, 5 mins late already, always a showman?! better be off!






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