Coalition wins by 9pm

Well with plenty of counting to go the coalition has walked in with a resounding defeat. Sorry to see Rudd win his seat, though this may be great for the coalition! Abbot has run a tight and positive campaign, Kevin should hang his head in shame



Australia Sucks!

Well here is the scientific proof that Australia does suck! (at more than just the rugby anyway)

The world’s sea levels fell in 2011 and it’s all Australia’s fault.

New US research shows Australia’s dry soil and mountainous coastline soaked up heavy rainfall in 2010 and 2011 and stopped it from flowing back into the ocean.

That effectively halted a long-term trend of rising sea levels which have been caused by higher temperatures and melting ice sheets.

“No other continent has this combination of atmospheric set-up and topography,” scientist John Fasullo, who worked on the study, said in a statement.

“Only in Australia could the atmosphere carry such heavy tropical rains to such a large area, only to have those rains fail to make their way to the ocean.”

The world’s oceans have been rising in recent decades by around three millimetres every year.

This is partly because heat has caused water to expand, and partly because run-off from retreating glaciers and ice sheets has made its way into the oceans.

But for an 18-month period beginning in 2010, the oceans mysteriously dropped by about seven millimetres, more than offsetting the annual rise, the study says.

The US scientists say this was mainly caused by Australia’s uniquely dry soil and land surface.

While some of the water evaporated in the desert sun, much of it sank into the dry, granular soil of the Western Plateau or filled the Lake Eyre basin in the east.

Since 2011, sea levels have been rising at a faster pace of about ten millimetres per year.


Hardly puts an end to the climate change debate but does add to the thoughts that I have always had that there is some sort of balance in world climatic change. (I am not a ‘sceptic’ but I do like to see the science from all sides of the debate).

My Vote Compass result have a great tool for how you sit in the political spectrum, you don’t actually have to be a voting aussie, just have a strong interest like me. I recommend everyone does it, for interest if nothing else, that includes you Ele and David! Anyway, the direct link is here

My results came in like this

results for votecompassKind of happy with where I sit, though to be honest I don’t like the breakdown, 32% greens is pretty scary for me!

So have a go, 600,000+ people already have!

First election debate tonight!

I am sure like most political tragics I am over excited about tonights debate, but truly I am!

Rudd has proved to be sad and back to his usual tricks, playing the poor me card and pretending to be totally underprepared to pull his team together. His only arguments so far have been to complain he is unprepared and make up financial lies in regards to Tony Abbots’ promises. Time to stop playing the victim and play the Prime Minister for a few more months I think.

I received this today from the Liberal party

xxx, get involved.

Tonight, Tony Abbott will take to the stage in the Leaders’ debate. Let’s show our support and get involved.

This is how you can get involved:

This is your debate, so join in, take to social media, ask questions, share your thoughts and please post your support for Tony.

Over the last two weeks our social communities were almost twice as engaged as Labor.

In the last few days there has been a 70,000+ growth in Facebook likes from all across Australia for Tony Abbott’s page.

The Liberal Party Facebook page was the first Australian political party to reach 100,000 likes and our YouTube video ‘New Hope’ has received over 200,000 views.

Well done to all!

Brian Loughnane
Federal Director
Liberal Party of Australia

I do not think I am breaching anything by displaying this, so please join me in supporting Tony and the team, I have no doubt Rudd will be callous, spiteful and underhanded tonight, we need to support the liberal party all we can.


You can watch the debate on ABC or 7mate, for kiwis there is a live-stream here though I am not sure if you can get it in NZ


Will post my thoughts after the debate


Time for the Australian Public to choose their leader, Rudd announces date for election

Finally Kevin Rudd, after weeks of playing games, is set to announce Sept 7 as an election date.

Kevin Rudd has just announced Sept 7 as the date for the election of the House of Representatives and half the Senate. After weeks of playing games and electioneering rather than running the country Kevin Rudd has announced a date a week earlier than Julia Gillard had promised earlier in the year.

Finally the Australian people get to choose their leader rather than the faceless men of the labor party

If you are eligible and have not yet enrolled to vote you have seven days and can find out more here

I am excited to see the run up to the elections over the next month, Kevin has been playing rock star and announcing initiatives to the right, it will be interesting to see if more left wing ideas start showing up, also to see what the Liberals come back with as a counter to Kevin’s campaign.


I sit here waiting for the spectacle that is Kevin Rudd to come out and officially announce this, he said he was making a speech at 4pm, 5 mins late already, always a showman?! better be off!





flying solo around the world at only19, part 2

I wrote about Ryan back in April, you can see my original post here

Well Ryan is well underway, having crossed the pacific he is currently in Wisconsin, visiting the hometown of the current world record holder, Jack, in OshKosh . By the way, excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea OshKosh was a real place!

So have a look at his webpage and blog, a very inspiration young man!

Why did Kevin Rudd bring his wife to war?

English: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

English: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The question has been asked by many commentators and I agree, what good did Kevin Rudd bringing Therese Rein to Afghanistan serve? Obviously everyone knows that Kevin is a far greater celebrity than Prime Minister, but still the idea of bringing you wife to a warn torn country serves absolutely no purpose in the publics eyes other than to try and win the family vote? But as a family man I sit here and go, seriously? Does than man have no want to protect his partner?

If Julia Gillard was to have brought Tim, I would have thought the same, so please don’t go playing the sexist remarks card either. There is absolutely no need for her to be there, nor would there be for me to go, or my daughter. As mentioned in commentary, there would have been extra protection for Therese, so in turn extra lives put at risk needlessly

Neither Ms Sugden nor a Department of Defence spokeswoman were forthcoming with information about any special arrangements for Ms Rein’s safety. Security, secrecy, sensitivity and all of that, of course.

For many commentators, the fact that it was the first time a prime ministerial spouse had ever visited a war zone was the major point of interest.

At Tarin Kowt, Ms Rein chatted with troops, laid a wreath for fallen diggers, wore a flak jacket, patted a sapper’s explosive detection dog, watched a bomb disposal robot go about its business, and signed autographs using her husband’s resilient back for support.

So great, she helped on the campaign trail, if you can call Afghanistan the campaign trail.

I have no problem with the PM being there for the record, though the timing is obviously another publicity stunt before the election that Kevin refuses to commit to, I believe it is important that the commander and chief visits the troops on occasions, as Julia Gillard and John Key have both done.